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Mounts Lafayette & Lincoln - Solo Hiking

Mt. Lafayette (5,260ft) Elevation Gain: 3,550ft Mt. Lincoln (5,089ft) Elevation Gain: 300ft Total Elevation Gain: 3,850ft Trails: Old Bridle Path, Greenleaf and Franconia Ridge Trail/Appalachian Trail Hut: Greenleaf Distance: 11.0 miles roundtrip Duration: 9.0 hrs (includes stops for breaks along the trail, and at the summit) My 4000+ Peaks #9 & #10 respectively Listed 4000+: #6 &7 respectively Difficulty: Very Strenuous This hike was strenuous indeed, but I had a great time. Even though the trails were crowded and both summits packed, the views and the experience were certainly worth the trip. Originally I was going to solo hike Mt. Jackson, but I was worried that with a farther ride, I would not start early like I would have liked to. With the hikes to Mounts Lafayette and Lincoln, I was pretty sure that the parking lot would not be full by the time I arrived. I had also been reading trail reports prior to this hike and all said not to expect

Redrock - Rock Climbing

This is the first time I've been to this crag and its Main wall is pure fun! The dirt parking lot for this rock climbing area isn't difficult to find at all. It's located just beside a storage facility off of route 128 in Gloucester, MA. My granddaughter Ann and I waited for Kellie , Felipe and Cass to show up and then we hiked up to the Main crag. The hike was about a tenth of a mile with a gradual elevation gain. There were green bushes with small vertical stems of tiny white fragrant flowers. How I wished I got photos of them! Their fragrance was a cross between a floral and spearmint and they lined the trail just past the parking lot. Views from the top of Main Crag!  Slabby top Bob & Fellipe setting up anchor on "Steps" Gear Kev on the "Zipper" A great crowd! Since I like to photog rock climbers from the wall or the top of the cliff, I self-blayed up "High Me" and anchored myself at the tree to phot

Mt. Tecumseh - 2nd Solo Hike

Mt Tecumseh (4,003ft) Elevation Gain: 2,200ft Trail: Mt. Tecumseh Distance: 5.0 miles roundtrip Duration: 4.25 hrs My 4000+ Peak #8 Listed 4000+: #48 Difficulty: Moderate I was totally stoked because this was my 2nd solo hike! As with my 1st solo hike , I left detailed instructions with a family member. And I promised to Facebook "Check-In" along the trail taking photos as well. I had just purchased a Mophie Juice Pack  Air for my iPhone 4 the day before and put it to the test on this hike.  Although it got sunnier on my drive up, I had packed extra clothes for rain as the weather forecast was for cloudiness with rain. The parking lot was easy to find and I was the second one there. Found the trailhead pretty quickly considering it's tucked in under the trees and easy to drive by it. There were two guys already heading out and two more guys had just come down the trail. I hurried just in case it started to rain.  Instead of crossing the brook to continue up the tra