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Doane's Falls Reservation - Winter Hiking

Royalston, Doane's Falls Reservation, Worcester County, MA.  Trail to falls - 0.3 mile, Elevation Loss - 175 feet. Donned my MicroSpikes this morning for a 2 hour hike along the Doane's Falls in Royalston, MA. I was hoping to see some frozen ice flows but with the recent warm temps, that wasn't gonna happen! But I was happy with the beautiful water falls and got to take photos and a short vid of the falls. The parking lot is uber small and can only fit about 3 cars. From the parking lot the falls can be heard and seen immediately. I spent 2 hours hiking up and down half a mile along the falls edge taking photos of the falls and the surrounding area. Okay, I didn't stay on the trail like the signs state but, I was very careful around the water's edges. And lo and behold! There were ice flows on the eastbound side of Route 2 between exits 21 and 22! WOOT! Reference: New England Waterfalls - A Guide to More Than 400 Cascades & Waterfalls Greg Par