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Koko Crater (Kohelepelepe) O'ahu, Hawaii

Kok o Crater (Kohelepelepe), 1,208 ft Elevation Gain: 1,168 ft Trail: Up the Arch, past The Knob and along the Crater Rim! Distance: 3 miles roundtrip Duration: 4 hrs (includes break at summit) Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Danger: Low to High (loose dirt, rock scrambling, narrow ridges with steep drop-offs, high winds, steep staircase, walk along busy highway, walk along coastline, high waves) Before I left for Hawaii I researched different hiking clubs and meetup groups in Hawaii. Dave of Unreal Hawaii suggested I look up the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club . I was ecstatic to see their schedule online and was hoping to make 3 hikes with them. Unfortunately, with the holidays being so busy, I could only make one hike with them. Fortunately, it was the hike to ring in the New Year 2013! Koko Crater is an extinct, cinder cone volcano that overlooks Hawaii Kai, Kuapa Pond, Koko Head and Hanauma Bay. The interior of the crater is host to the Koko Crater Botanical Gardens.  E