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Brown Hill - Night Hike

Brown Hill (1,312 ft) Trails: North Meadow, Glacial Boulder, Brown Hill, Summit Duration: 2 hours Difficulty: Easy AMC-Boston Instructional Night Hike For Beginners Ever wonder about being out too late on a hike and getting over taken by the darkness? Why yes, I actually have. So I signed up for the AMC Instructional Night Hike For Beginners through the AMC Boston Chapter . This was a two hour hike on non-technical trails in darkness. Bill Moss is a naturalist on staff at the Mass Audubon Sanctuary and lead us through the maze of some of the available 12 miles of trails at the beautiful Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary in Princeton, Mass.  Also, co-leading our group was Robert Freed and Pam Wilnot. Robert and Pam took turns sweeping and Pam's very large backpack consisted of rescue equipment including a stove and fuel! The group was limited to 20 and online sign ups were easy at the AMC Boston Chapter website. We met in the class room to sign in and pay our