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Epilogue Colorado 2015

Trip Sampler Overall, we got a taste of everything on this trip!  -Staying at a hostel at 10,000 feet -Hiking 14ers of the Colorado Rockies -Backpacking and camping up to 11,600 feet -Class 3 hike to a 14ers -Camping in ghetto campsite -Multi-pitch rock climbing up to 9,000 feet Acclimatizing I will never put someone else's need for lower, split-trip costs over my health, ever again! I learned the hard way when I agreed to this trip. We flew out of Boston Logan on a Saturday and was climbing a 14er the very next day. With Asthma it was tough breathing for me....and I wanted so much to summit more peaks on the trip but didn't get to. Next time I will budget to play tourist for a week or so, even if I'm on my own to do so...... and then climb/hike. Physical Therapy I had bruised my left knee badly before my trip to Colorado and for 4 weeks leading up this trip, I was in physical therapy twice per week. It paid off as not once did my left knee hur

Day 7 Colorado 2015

Our last morning of this gorgeous view! Camping at the South Colony Lake was truly an amazing experience. Every morning I got up and found it to be so peaceful to be surrounded by the mountains. How could you not enjoy the views? The light here at any time of the day was incredible!  We left our South Colony Lake campsite today to head out to the Eleven Mile Canyon Recreation Area. We were all packed and headed out at 8:30am. Instead of descending the trail we came up on 3 days earlier, we descended the shorter loop back to the junction.  More gorgeous views on our descent! There were many backpackers coming up at this time of the morning. It was a smart idea for us to get here on a Tuesday making it such a quiet 4 days and 3 nights. And to be honest, I was glad we were leaving on a Friday. Another day and there would be more folks filling the campsites which meant more noise as well.  The hike down was long and everyone was eager to get down to

Day 6 Colorado 2015

Today we pretty much had to ourselves. Jeff, Geoff and Kevin got off to an early start. Originally they were going to climb the Ellington Arete (5.7) on Crestone Needle. But they chose to do the Class 3 hike (scramble) to the summit of Crestone Needle instead. Kevin II bagged Humboldt solo. And I hiked solo, attempting Mt. Humboldt. Such a fine day for peakbagging! So I woke up this morning to some chewed-up trekking poles. Kevin II let me have some first aid tape to fix 'em up. Kevin's climbing rope and backpack shoulder straps also got chewed up! At the Upper Lake 12,000 ft Along the trail Marmot The saddle from 13,000 feet Mt. Humboldt summit from 13,000 feet. I got up to 13,000 feet and didn't like the looks of the clouds that were coming in from the distance. So I turned back and headed back down to our campsite. Upper Colony Lake below Crestone Needle and Crestone Peak