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Lua'alaea Falls - Hiking

Lua'alaea Falls Manoa Valley  Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous Danger: Medium to High (several water crossings, slippery, muddy, potential loose rocks/debris at top of waterfall ) To date, this is the muddiest and the wettest hike I've been on. But it was an amazing hike! I joined the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club for this Saturday hike. I woke and wondered if the hike would be cancelled due to the rain. At one point, I almost changed my mind, I'm so glad I didn't! I met assistant hike organizer Peter at the I'olani Palace. I followed Dan up to the residential area just before the entrance of Paradise Park where other hikers were waiting. I checked in and paid my visitor fee of $3 to John Hall, the hike organizer. It was raining but the hike was still a go! There were 12 of us and Peter would lead the hike with the faster hikers following him, John was the sweep. The trail to the falls branches off the popular Moana Falls Trail and follows the Lua'ala