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Rock House Reservation - Hiking

Rock scrambling on the boulder at the Red & Yellow intersection
Rock House Reservation
Trail(s): Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
Distance: 3 miles roundtrip

Joined the Metrowest Retirees (or not yet) Ready for Adventure meetup group for a fun hike through the Rock House Reservation in West Brookfield, MA. We started at the trailhead off of Route 9 and hiked all the trails, making a lot of stops along the way and taking many photos. 

The trails we took: 
Counter-clockwise direction starting on the Red (Inner Loop) trail - the Yellow (Outer Loop) trail - the Blue (Fullman Loop) trail - the Pierce Road trailhead parking lot - continue along the Blue trail to the Green (Summit Loop) trail - back down the Yellow trail to the Red trail - Balance Rock and Trailside Museum - The Rock House and Boulders and Ledges - back onto the Red (Inner Loop) trail passing the Balance Rock and the Trailside Museum again to finish off on the Yellow (Outer Loop) trail. 

Enjoy a few photos I took of our hike!

The view o…