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DIY Inline Water Filter

This awesome idea is from Allison Nader and her Trail To Summit Blog . I was considering purchasing a pump to filter my water while out in the wilderness, but when I saw Allison’s DIY post, I had to try this myself! I purchased the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System from Highwater Filters   in Colville, WA. The system comes with the 0.1 Micron mini filter, a 16oz reusable squeeze pouch, cleaning plunger (syringe), filler tip cap, drinking straw, and instructions. I’ve included the following photos and instructions of how I attached the 0.1 Micron mini filter to the hose of my 3L Camelbak Reservoir. I use the Camelbak Antidote Reservoir 100oz/3L w/ Antidote Insulated Tube (I also have a second Antidote Insulated Tube which I use for rock climbs and short hikes where I don't need to refill/filter water.) I made sure that the mini filter could fit through the elastic bands of the shoulder straps on my backpack. This photo shows my Kelty Lakota 65L pack. But I also m