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Ahuimanu - Hiking

Ahuimanu Stream/Trail Elevation: 500 ft Elevation Gain: 300 ft Distance: 2 miles roundtrip Difficulty: Low I joined the Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Club for this hike. It was lead by John Hall and I was delighted that there was a possibility of rain. Like the Lua'alaea Falls hike last summer lead by John Hall, the weather was overcast and it had been raining off and on. It was hot and muggy throughout the hike, but no rain. :( Originally this hike was only to the rock dike across the back of the gulch. But about half a mile or so upstream is the waterfall chute and a tiny pool! Our group of 12 stopped at the rock dike for some photos and then continued onto the waterfall chute. To get to the waterfall chute, follow the path to the right and along the base of the rock dike, then cross the stream. A steep ascent is brief and then the trail levels slightly bringing you to the tiny pool and waterfall chute.  Enjoy some photos taken of the hike! Trailhead selfie with D