Colorado 2015

March 2015:
Jeff D. and I were getting some indoor climbing gym time in mid-March when he asked me if I wanted to come along on a climbing, backpacking and peakbagging trip to Colorado! I fist-pumped and let out a whoop and a YES!!! I couldn’t pass up a chance to go climbing in beautiful Colorado. And to add, do some peakbagging! Days later I received my copy of “Colorado Fourteeners – From Hikes To Climbs (3rd Ed)” by Gerry Roach off of Amazon. I also read over the  website and the Facebook group every chance I get!

Besides indoor climbing and outdoor multi-pitch climbing, training for our Colorado trip is going to involve hiking and lots of it! I’m choosing hikes that have at least 2,000 feet elevation gain. My favorite training hike is to the Huntington Ravine floor. I load 25/30 pounds of water, food and gear into my backpack and go hike. Kevin, Jeff and Geoff are also working on cardio conditioning for our trip.

The Plan:
The plan is to fly into Colorado and stay at lower altitudes for several days to get acclimated. We'll also be doing some day hikes to a couple of 14ers to bag peaks. Then move up to higher altitudes to do some multi-pitch climbing as well as more peakbagging!

Please note:
I will not be posting our climbing, peakbagging itinerary online. But will try and post photos and blog posts daily while on our trip and when there is time and internet service.

June 2015:
Genetian Pond Shelter

Lightning Strike injures multiple hikers at the summit of Mt. Bierstadt. In less than 2 weeks I'll be in Colorado, need to keep an eye to skies when hiking up to the summits of those 14,000 footers!

July 2015:
Fell on my knee hiking Mt. Major in May and two weeks later, I fell on it again while climbing at the Gunks in NY. Went to see my Orthopedic surgeon and when I told him that I was planning on a climbing/backpacking/peakbagging trip to Colorado in July and that I would be backpacking with a heavy load, he said, "well then, let's get you ready!" Got a prescription for physical therapy right up until I leave for Colorado. Good for when I return if necessary, as well. Twice a week I get ultrasound to help with the healing of my bruised knee bone plus strengthening exercises for my knee. Luckily for me it is just a badly bruised tears, swelling, strains or fractures. At this writing I'm 4 weeks into my physical therapy and it's definitely working. There is still a really tender spot that hurts but I'm experiencing less pain.

July 2015
Day 1 - Helloooo Denver!
Day 2 - Mt. Sherman
Day 3 - Downtown Leadville & Mt. Elbert
Day 4 - Headed to South Colony Lake
Day 5 - Exploring the Upper Lake
Day 6 - Mt. Humboldt and Crestone Needle
Day 7 - Farewell Sangre de Cristo Wilderness
Day 8 - Eleven Mile Canyon: Schooldaze (5.5) - Multi-pitch rock climbing 
Day 9 - Goodbye Colorado!
Epilogue Colorado 2015