Sunday, March 7, 2021

Chia & Waterfall - Ice Climbing


At the top of Chia

Beautiful day for ice climbing! 

This was the first time I ever ice climbed in the 'Amphitheater' so I was stoked that Nuno had his sights on Chia! At the base of  Chia (WI3+), there was already a party of two climbers who were just gearing up. We took a few photos of them and watched as Tony made his way up to the top of the climb. Nuno did a fantastic job of leading. The Amphitheater was in 'full sun' and while I was belaying Nuno up Chia, huge chunks of ice came down from the Widow's Walk/Bob's Delight area. And Pegasus was packed, including a group for a photoshoot.

Waterfall (WI3) was our second climb. No one was on it and for good reason, it was thin. But again, Nuno crushed the lead. Near the top was a mix of ice, rock, and dirt. And Nuno and I both agreed that climbing Waterfall was waaay harder than climbing Chia!

Super stellar day of ice climbing Frankenstein Cliffs with Nuno. Plus, on our way back down the trail from the top of Chia two military aircraft flew low through the notch! And I got to meet one of my blog readers (hey, Chris!) and fist-pumped another brown ice climber, woot! Enjoy some photos taken on our day.

Nuno leading Chia

Nuno leading Chia

From the top of Chia

Hiking down the trail from the top of Chia, we heard a loud rumble. Looked up and two AF C130 aircrafts came flying through the notch. Sorry for the blurry photo!

Mt. Washington summit above
the clouds. 

At the top of Chia


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