Piscataquog River - Whitewater Kayaking

Got to do some whitewater kayaking for the very first time! The section of river that we kayaked was running with Class I rapids with a Class II drop at the very end. I was anxious at first, but as the day wore on, I relaxed and could focus on what Tom was teaching me. Kayaking down rapids is so exhilarating! I learned so much from Tom like; Eddy, Ferry, River right/left/middle, put in, take out, rapids, drops.... Must learn to store everything in my Sea To Summit eVac Dry Sack! I stored my extra layers and food, but not my wallet, inhaler, bug spray, live and learn! Thanks so much for the fun Labor Day Sean and Tom. Enjoy a few photos of our day. Note: these photos don't do any justice to the currents and moving water we experienced while kayaking.

Put in at the Gregg's Falls - Powerhouse & Dam 

Tom at the Put in

Going over some "basics" before we head off

Piscataquog River Gage House used for 
River Observations and Forecasts at the
American Whitewater website.

Take out just past the Henry Bridge behind me

American Whitewater: https://www.americanwhitewater.org/

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