Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bombardment to Upper Refuse - Multi Pitch Rock Climb

Shaka! from P2 Upper Refuse

Bombardment (5.8)
Trad, 2 pitches, 160 feet
Lower Left Wall/Ventilator Slabs
Cathedral Ledge, North Conway, NH

Upper Refuse (5.5)
Trad, 3 pitches, 200 feet
Barber Wall
Cathedral Ledge, North Conway, NH

Bombardment (5.8)
Looking up P1. That headwall crack at the start of the first pitch isn't the start for me, so I scrambled up the left side onto the first ledge. That faint Dike is a super fun. Sean lead (both pitches) and if he fell from the runout Dike, would most likely be over the ledge. A fall from a second would pendulum. Glad I love Whitehorse run outs. This was run out for sure, but challenging in a fun kind of way. 

Looking up P2. Sean did an fantastic job of leading P2! It was scary fun, especially a small section where the holds were shiny and slippery. I got to practice jamming my feet in that arching crack....and it didn't even hurt (thank you Scarpa Techno X! )

Upper Refuse(5.5)
While on UR, Sean and I watched Scott lead Black Crack (5.10b) and Sarah Garlick follow. It was super fun to watch them shove their left arm and leg into the off-width crack as they made their way up the crack. 

This photo of Sarah Garlick climbing Black Crack (5.10b)
was featured on the frontpage of 
And to think, I told Sean that we should skip climbing Upper Refuse. 
Glad he convinced me otherwise or else I'd never have gotten the photos. 

A party of 4 climbers came up behind us at the base. While we were waiting for the second climber of the party in front of us to come up, the lead climber of the party of 4 came up just to below us at the belay station. I'm glad Sean told the lead climber that I was a new lead. His belayer on the ground was yelling up to him to go up past us, no doubt to the tree. But I'm glad he didn't and stayed out of my way as well as off the tree for the belay anchor. He waited until I was up at the tree anchor and then came up and built a gear anchor in the corner of the ledge. I brought Sean up P2 and then we swapped leads and Sean took P3. 

Looking down P1

At the belay station of P2 waiting.

Love my new Scarpa Techno X!

Bringing Sean up P2

Overall, it was so fun climbing at Cathedral Ledge. Big crowd at UR so make sure you get there early enough to get in line - typical UR Sunday! We only came in one vehicle so after topping out and checking out the Lookout, we walked down the road to the base of the ledge. 

Lookout at the top of Cathedral Ledge, 
climbers on the route Camber 5.11b

Friday, September 8, 2017

Hiking With Llamas!

Selfie with 11-yr old, Expo

Fun hike with the At A Snail's Pace Hiking meetup group this morning! We met in the parking lot of the Northwood Meadows State Park and Michael finally introduced the group to our surprise guests! Duncan, Expo, and his momma Alli-oop joined us for a morning walk. Their pace was pretty fast but by the end of the hike, they had slowed down and was ready to get back into their trailer and leave. Everyone in our group was welcomed to lead the trio on our walk. Thanks to their mom Charlotte, and dad Bob for bringing along this exotic trio.

Duncan, Charlotte and Michael

Michael and I with 7-yr old Duncan

Leading 17-yr old Alli-oop

Our group taking a break by the lake

Monday, September 4, 2017

Piscataquog River - Whitewater Kayaking

Got to do some whitewater kayaking for the very first time! The section of river that we kayaked was running with Class I rapids with a Class II drop at the very end. I was anxious at first, but as the day wore on, I relaxed and could focus on what Tom was teaching me. Kayaking down rapids is so exhilarating! I learned so much from Tom like; Eddy, Ferry, River right/left/middle, put in, take out, rapids, drops.... Must learn to store everything in my Sea To Summit eVac Dry Sack! I stored my extra layers and food, but not my wallet, inhaler, bug spray, live and learn! Thanks so much for the fun Labor Day Sean and Tom. Enjoy a few photos of our day. Note: these photos don't do any justice to the currents and moving water we experienced while kayaking.

Put in at the Gregg's Falls - Powerhouse & Dam 

Tom at the Put in

Going over some "basics" before we head off

Piscataquog River Gage House used for 
River Observations and Forecasts at the
American Whitewater website.

Take out just past the Henry Bridge behind me

American Whitewater: