Transition Clinic - The Mountain Guide Manual

If you're a "hands-on" type of learner like me, I highly recommend this clinic. I purchased a copy of The Mountain Guide Manual by Marc Chauvin and Rob Coppolillo and read over the Transition chapter (chapter 8), but taking the clinic made it much easier for me to understand. Having Marc guide us through the steps of setting up the transitions and being able to ask questions right on the spot is a valuable tool in learning the techniques covered in the manual. He even covered a bit on "Stance Management - Chapter 6" from the manual. As well as "outside, inside, under", a mnemonic coined by Art Mooney. Every topic that was covered in today's clinic, is in the manual. 

Although there were guides in today's clinic, you don't have to be a guide to take this clinic. I'm not a guide, never will be and have no desire to become one. This clinic is also for the recreational climber (that's me!) who wants to learn to be proficient and safe in their climbing. 

On the Climbing to Rappel transition, rope-end equations and the backside of Clove hitches were, at first, pretty mind blowing. But the more we worked on the techniques, the more evident it became - the process is easy. And simple...for me anyways. The simple key that helped me to understand this transition was: "the first climber to rappel down, always stays tied-in."

And I I left my PAS in the truck. (actually, it was more like, 'I purposely hid my PAS from Marc by leaving it my truck'). In today's clinic I learned that Clove-In is so much easier and faster!  Adios PAS! 

I met Marc and the rest of the group (David. Zach, Jeff, Nate, Tom & AJ) at Cathedral Ledge in North Conway, NH. The clinic was held at "The Classroom" area. The clinic is the first of several clinics available on the topic. So stay tuned to Marc's FB ( and website ( as he will be offering clinics outside of the Mount Washington Valley as well! 

And Dave Lottman also blogged about this clinic. Check it out on his Northeast Alpine Start blog at:

Thank you Marc for this clinic! Enjoy a few photos I took of our day!

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