Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kinsman Notch - Ice Climbing

ice climbing, kinsman notch, shamrock

Kinsman Notch
Woodstock,  NH

It was my first ice climb of the season and it felt good to finally be out and climbing. It was Ken's first climb of the season as well. Today was Steff's second time out climbing and she totally loved it. And Archit had never ice climbed before today, but is now hooked! Today's climbing event was part of the Mountaineering, Climbing &Backpacking of New England meetup. We set up ropes on Pot o' Gold (WI4), Kilarney (WI2+), Shamrock (WI4-). A rope was also set up on the climb at the far left but I don’t know the name of the route. Enjoy some photos taken of our day of climbing. 

Pot o' Gold, Shamrock and Kilarney.
Thanks for the belay Jeff!

Archit's first time ice climbing
He killed Pot o' Gold!

Steff enjoying Pot o' Gold and Shamrock

I love to practice climbing with no ice tools!
Fun and challenging!

All smiles and loving ice climbing!


Climb With Aloha!

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