Saturday, January 30, 2016

Auburn Ice Canyon - Ice Climbing

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A fun vertical!
Auburn Ice Canyon
Auburn, MA

Given the warm temps today, we got lucky to have ice to climb on! I saw photos of the ice there from March 2015 and it was uber fat! But I’ll take whatever ice I can get on, especially with great ice climbing buddies! Steff and I met up with Robb, Dan and Joey at the Westec  approach. Our approach from Westec Drive was a easy and short 15 minute hike, with leveled terrain most of the way. Once we got to the canyon, I was surprised to see my buddies Jeff and Kevin setting up top rope. Originally, I had told Jeff we’d be at Auburn Canyon, but he was going north to climb with Kevin. A change of plans brought him and Kevin down to MA. Other climbing buddies, Chris and Tom showed up a short while later. There were 4 top ropes set up and I got in 6 climbs including a fun vertical and some mixed climbing. It was such a wonderful day for ice climbing! The day was clear, temps moderate in the high 30’s. And there was much laughter throughout the day!

Auburn Ice Canyon is actually a flood-diversion channel for the greater Worcester area. It usually carries a faint smell of sewage in warm weather. In the winter when everything is frozen, the floor is hard and the rock and concrete walls build up with ice flows. The canyon is a short ride from Boston and a great alternative if you’re not up for driving north to ice climb. Also perfect for getting in some quick laps.

Enjoy some photos taken while ice climbing at the Auburn Canyon in Massachusetts!

Our Westec approach took us down a ramp
then a short rappel down to the canyon floor.

Once on the canyon floor, it looks like there isn't much for ice.

But there was enough ice flows for 4 top rope setups.

Canyon Floor Selfie

Steff rocks some ice!

Chris got on some mixed stuff to show me the way!

Good to see Kevin finally on ice!



Dan's first time!


Canyon floor 

Robb and Dan

No one home

POV by Robb Millett - 2016

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