2015: Aloha 'Oe!

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Mt. Sherman - 14,036ft

What a year it has been for me! I got a lot of climbing in, especially multi-pitch climbing!

The winter brought lots of ice climbing at Mt. Willard. I had the best opportunity to second my buddy Jeff as he took me on many of the ice climbs on Mt. Willard. 

Cinema Gully

The Cleft

Jeff and I at the base of Upper Hitchcock

I did many more multi-pitch climbing well into the Spring. In all to get prepared for climbing in Colorado! I and 4 buddies (Jeff, Geoff, Kevin and Kevin), spent 9 days in the gorgeous Colorado Rockies! I got to summit a 14,000 footer (Mt. Sherman) and multi-pitch rock climb in the 11-Mile Canyon. But backpacking and camping 5 days and 4 nights in the wilderness was my favorite part of the trip....it was absolutely glorious!    

Mt. Sherman summit

Crestone Needle & Crestone Peak
Sangre de Cristo Wilderness
Exploring the Upper Lake at 12,000 feet

Multi pitch climbing at 11 Mile Canyon

Once back home, I hiked a bit more to get ready for my Mt. Katahdin hike in Maine. Some (Metro Rock) climbing buddies (Noreen, Sharon, Ann, Simona, Mitsu I & Mitsu II) and I did the 10.4 mile roundtrip hike via the Hunt Trail. Although the trail was packed, it still was an epic day.  

Late fall my climbing buddies Sean, Tom and I finally made it up Whitney Gilman Ridge route on Cannon Mountain - perfect weather, beautiful climbing, Pipe pitch conquered, stunning views, total bad-ass climbing partners...what a day!   

I'm just a tiny speck on a big mountain. 
Coming up the 2nd pitch!

I had the honor of giving beta and belaying Tom while he climbed
the Pipe pitch. Tom is only 14 years old but he climbed it like a boss!

Good day indeed!
5th and final pitch
Sean our leader

Then onto try out Endeavor on White's Ledge

And finally, to top it all off......multi-pitch climbing out of Huntington Ravine!!!! A drive up the Mt. Washington Auto Road, hike along the Alpine Garden trail, then down the headwall of the Huntington Ravine! All to rock climb out via the Henderson Ridge, then scramble up to bag the summit of Nelson Crag! We need to do that one again!  

Along the Alpine Garden Trail

Making our way down the headwall of the Huntington Ravine trail

 Sean on the Diving Board of the Henderson Ridge route

We made our way to the Nelson Crag summit - Bagged!
Then back to my truck and the scenic ride down the auto road.

I didn't get much in during the Fall season as I was out for almost 2 months with poison ivy. But as soon as I got better, I was back to indoor climbing. I'm still with the Mountaineering, Climbing & Backpacking meetup group and have also joined another meetup group called, Nature Girls.

As for New Hampshire hiking, unfortunately, I hiked only one, (yes one) 4000 footer this year - Carter Dome. But I did get in several hikes to add to my NH 52 With AView list!  

I did get out with Steff and Barbara to do some kayaking along the quiet Sudbury River. It was a unseasonably warm December day, but mellow....perfect!

As the end of the year neared, I finally found a source of Merino Wool! I had been searching for a supplier for 9 months when a search came up with a company out in California. And if that wasn't enough, I had also been searching and found a retailer for Polartec, formally known as Malden Mills. The owner (based out of NH) had bought the retail portion of Malden Mills and she now sells Polartec online. All this was good timing and everything pretty much fell into place. So I decided to go ahead with the DIY section in my blog and listed several of my sewing projects. I've been digging out old sewing patterns and supplies and have since dusted off my sewing and serger machines!  

A look ahead into 2016
I'm booked for formal ice climbing lead lessons with Alexa Seigel of Cathedral Mountain Guides in Madison, NH. I'm totally stoked and looking forward to learning more ice climbing skills. I hope to be doing more climbing with both meetups as well. There are already plans for mountaineering meetups as well as taking some of the Nature Girls ice climbing for the very first time. And I'm trying to decide what climbing/camping trip I'd like to make during the summer. As for my DIY blog, once a month I hope to add a new or upcycled DIY project. And again, my goals for 2016 is to stay healthy so I can do more climbing and hiking! 

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