Monday, October 5, 2015

Ouch! Poison Ivy - Contact Dermatitis

Misdiagnosed by my GP as an infection - it worsened even with antibiotics. Went to a dermatologist who told me that I don't have an infection after all, but rather contact dermatitis from poison ivy. They relieved the pressure in all the blisters, taught me to clean and wrap, and put me on topical meds. In addition, I'm on day 5 of a 12 day Prednisone taper and am feeling better. 

My toe has been wrapped like this for a week now, especially since it's been draining!

I hope to be climbing and hiking soon! I am getting caught up on reading my climbing books! Just want to add that I'm not confined to the couch. I can still walk I just have to put my foot up and rest as much as possible. I picked it up during my multi pitch climb in Huntington Ravine last month. :(

Edit to add: I was laid up for 6 weeks due to this!