Day 3 Colorado 2015

Rest day for me. I spent 3 hours walking downtown Leadville.

Last night at dinner Jeff asked me if I had planned to hike Mt. Elbert with them this morning. I was still tired from my hike to Mt. Sherman yesterday, so when I awoke this morning, I told Jeff that I was gonna pass on the Mt. Elbert hike. I also told him that I didn’t think it would be wise for me to climb the multi pitch rock climb that was planned for Crestone Needle. As much as I had been looking forward to climbing Crestone Needle, I didn’t think that putting myself and other climbers at risk was worth it. So Jeff, Geoff, Kevin and Kevin headed off to Mt. Elbert, while I stayed back to play tourist….oh wait….I am a tourist!

I actually started feeling better getting outdoors and some fresh air. The Hostel is located just 4 blocks from the main street, easy walking distance. Mid 60’s temps made it even more ideal for walking.

Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad
On the way to downtown I stopped by the train station (two blocks from the hostel) to check the tour schedule. I wanted to take the 3 hour tour but had just missed the morning tour.

The Golden Burro
I looked for a place to eat and the menu for The Golden Burro offered many options at really great prices. It’s not a fancy place, but it's clean and the wait staff is super friendly and helpful. I had the hardy Veggie Omelet, home fries, toast, OJ and coffee and felt much better after having eaten breakfast.  

Geoff, Jeff, Kevin and Kevin at the Mt. Elbert summit

Tennessee Pass Café
When the guys got back from Elbert, they were exhausted and napped for a couple of hours before dinner. For dinner we ate at the Tennessee Pass Café. I had passed by this café earlier today and looked at their menu posted on their window. They buy a lot of their ingredients at the local Farmer’s Market, so I was excited to eat here. But as soon as we were seated our waitress came over to tell us what they had run out of….and it was a long list! I had originally ordered two meals but they had run out of both. I eventually settled for a bowl of chicken and rice soup with Melanzana Rolls and raw veggies on the side - it filled the spot!

Back at the hostel, the guys packed for the next day. I had already packed up my stuff while they were at Elbert earlier today. Tomorrow we are leaving the comfort of Leadville for the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness.

**Met Michael Blair while staying in Leadville. He and his newlywed bride Monica were also staying at the Leadville Hostel. They were on their honeymoon, bagging 14ers! So boss!

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