Farewell Ice!

Huntington Ravine
Trails: Tuckerman Ravine, Fire/Service Road

I had a phenomenal ice season and I owe it to several lead ice climbers; Jeff Stone, Geoff Nichols and Sean Bowen. I've benefited greatly from and am inspired by their experience and patience. Thank you!

This was supposed to be a multi-pitch ice climb and my last of the season, but it was not meant to be. I met Jeff and Maggie in the gear room at the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. We headed up the Tuckerman’s Ravine trail along with a large crowd headed toward Tuckerman Ravine. Once at the floor of Huntington Ravine, Maggie headed back down to the trailhead and Jeff and I made our way up to Yale.

“Oh crap!” I thought to myself! I couldn’t believe it! I got cramps in both calves just before Jeff and I got to the base of Yale. Not.good.at.all! I shook it off, stretched out, took in fluids and a couple of bites of my protein bar. We got up to Yale and so far so good, the cramps had subsided. From the base the right side of Yale was running water. In fact, so was Harvard’s Garden. It sounded like someone turned on a water faucet in Huntington Ravine! 

So we headed over to the base of Central Gully where Jeff told me that once we were on the climb, we should commit to it and stay on it. So I decided not to climb. I was really bummed but had to consider that I may cramp up again while on the climb. Jeff would head up Central and over Washington to descend down the Jewell Trail. I would head back down to the trailhead and we both agreed to text one another once back down at the trailheads. Looking up at it and watching Jeff solo climb it as well as another ice climber and 4 skiers, it was hard to imagine just January of last year that a soft slab avalanche occurred taking 3 roped teams down along with it.

Jeff and I making our way to Central Gully with Pinnacle Gully in the background

I descended towards the ravine floor but not before stopping at the base of Pinnacle and snapping a couple photos of folks going up the Pinnacle Gully.

Here (left to right) is Amanda Stern, Peter Columbia and Jay Beaudoin (on lead).

They made their bad-ass way up the Pinnacle Gully to watch the sunset from atop Mt. Washington! Way to go folks!

The day before I stopped at IME in North Conway to drop off some consignment items. I also bought a pair of La Sportiva Nepal EVO on sale for 20% off! My current Boreal boots were giving me problems. Bigger, too loose in the ankles and way too stiff for me. I did everything to pad them in order to fit but nothing worked. Love the Nepal Evo and they stood up to their reputation of fitting without problems straight out of the box. I had no hot spots and the boots were plenty stiff for me. But today wasn't the day I'd be kicking in them.  :(

Forgot my camera at home so used my iPhone for picture taking today.

Farewell ice…..until next winter!

Huntington Ravine with the Wildcats in the distance

Yale & Damnation Gullies in the background - also a skier making his way up

Jeff and I at the base of Central Gully

Pinnacle (left) and Central (right) Gullies

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