Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Maunawili Demonstration Trail - Hiking

Maunawili Demonstration Trail - Hiking
Solemates Hawaii Hikers
Distance: Approx 4 - 4.5 miles roundtrip
Duration: 4 hours (including spots along the trail as well as a break for lunch)
Difficulty: Easy
Danger: Low

Got to do another hike with the Solemates Hawaii Hikers. Instead of meeting at the Mauanwili Demonstration Trail trailhead in Waimanalo, we met about 100 yards or so up the street at a private home. We were able to park our cars in the front yard and start our hike from there. The Maunawili Demonstration Trail is 9 miles long from Waimanalo to the Pali. We only hiked about 2 to 2.5 miles and returned on the same trail. A few members headed up a small ridge to finish off a hike using the Ainoni Trail to loop the route, while most of us turned back. After I lunched on my Pork Adobo Manuapua, I headed up the ridge to get a few photos. The views were spectacular! Too bad the top of the ridge wasn't cleared and the trail up to it wasn't maintained. It would make for a perfect destination spot for lunch before returning to the Waimanalo trailhead! I headed back to the trailhead with Connie. Somehow we missed a turn back to the parking lot. But no worries! We just got back onto the state trail and got back down to the main trailhead and took that short walk to the home where our cars were parked. The morning start was a bit muggy, but later it began to cool down. Most of the trail was dry with some muddy spots in the shade. 

Hike briefing at our start - 60 hikers!

Some of us took that overgrown shortcut up to the Maunawili Trail

View of Waimanalo

Along the trail . . . . 


Oreo, Cheerio and Bubba with Karen

This photo is my favorite! I'm standing at the point between two gulches.
Connie is on the right and walking into a gulch 
while the guy on the left is walking out of a gulch.

Most of us stopped here to turn back to our parking. 
The few that went onto Ainoni Trail went up the ridge on the right.

After my lunch I went up the ridge and took some photos! (3)
This spot would make for a perfect lunch spot if cleared! 
1,155 ft - 21°20'11"N  157°45'48"W


Na Ala Hele - State of Hawaii trailhead signs

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