Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hau'ula-Papali Loop - Hiking

Hau'ula-Papali Loop - Hiking
Distance: 7 miles
Elevation Gain: 700 ft (Hau'ula), 800 ft (Papali)
Difficulty: Easy
Danger: Low
Solemates Hawaii Hikers

If bad luck comes in three's, then today was a day for it! I arrived late to the meeting place, I dropped my 2nd (and last) litre of Gatorade down a steep gulch, and I lost my iPhone (with its Mophie external battery). 

First of all, I should've followed Stewart Ball's driving directions. Coming from Pearl City over H3, I should've taken the exit for the Kaheliki Hwy instead of following directions from Kaneohe along the Kamehameha Hwy. It probably would've saved me 10-15 minutes if I had taken Kaheliki Hwy to begin with and bypassed Kaneohe all together! :-/

Secondly, I should know better than to stand near the edge of a steep gulch and take in a drink from a container that isn't anchored to me! 

And lastly, I should've brought my Mophie Beltclip with me on this trip. I usually snap my iPhone into it and clip it to my backpack strap just above my heart for quick access. Instead, I left it at home and stuck my iPhone in the hipbelt pocket of my backpack. But I got lucky! When I realized that it was gone, I re-traced my steps along the trail and found it!! I had slipped and fell coming up a steep, muddy shortcut between a switchback near the start of the hike. Somehow the hipbelt pocket came unzipped and my iPhone fell out! 

Our group did the Hau'ula Loop hike clockwise first and then onto the Ma'akua Ridge trail counter-clockwise. I was only able to complete the Hau'ula Loop hike. I was halfway on the Ma'akua Ridge trail when I had to turn around to look for my iPhone. The trail conditions were good with several muddy spots on both loops. The valley was hot and muggy, but once up on the ridges, there were cooler breezes and temps. Enjoy some photos of our hike through the foothills of the Ko'olau range.

The trailhead for both loops are located in a residential neighborhood.
Don't park in the neighborhood! Instead, park on Kamehameha Hwy at the far
end of the Hau'ula Beach Park and walk up the Hau'ula Homestead Road.

Start of the Hau'ula Loop trail

Crossing the Hanaimoa Stream

At the lookout on the ridge

Looking into the Kaipapa'u Gulch

Along the ridge

Connie and I headed onto the Ma'akua Ridge Trail

Instead of continuing along the switchbacks, we took the ridge trail on the left.
What beautiful views of Hau'ula in its finest!

Hello Karen!! :)


Hau'ula (raindrops on the lens)

Lilikoi Blossom

Dark rock cliff overhangs the trail

And there's my iPhone!!! A bit wet, but undamaged! Whew!

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