Whitehorse Ledge - Multi-pitch Rock Climb

Sea Of Holes (5.7)
580 feet, 4 pitches
Whitehorse Ledge
Conway, NH

Beautiful Father’s Day multi-pitch climbing with Geoff, Jeff and Kevin. We reached the base of “The Slabs” expecting to find it packed. But to our surprise, there were only 3 groups on! Jeff and Kevin headed off to climb the Cormier-Magness Route (5.6), and Geoff and I headed off to climb Sea Of Holes. The first three pitches are slab climbing. I had on short ankle socks and so wished I had worn longer socks. My socks were riding down towards my heels and I could feel blisters coming on. The last pitch contained the crux and I thought it was fun! But I was sketched out because there was so much wet, dirty moss at the end of the pitch. Moss slogging, especially the wet stuff, is NOT fun! Blech! Enjoy some photos I took of our climb up Sea Of Holes.

PS: Geoff says, "Thanks for the cold brew!." When we got down from our climb, someone had left a cold can of beer in Geoff's sneakers! :D

Geoff  leading up the 1st belay station.
The first pitch requires no pro (placement of protection).

View behind me from the 1st belay station

Geoff at the 2nd belay station

Geoff at the 3rd belay station

Selfie at the 2nd belay station

Geoff getting set to lead the final pitch

The view from our 4th and final belay station

Geoff preparing to rap down to the 3rd belay station

Geoff rapping down to the 2nd belay station

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