DIY Inline Water Filter

This awesome idea is from Allison Nader and her Trail To Summit Blog . I was considering purchasing a pump to filter my water while out in the wilderness, but when I saw Allison’s DIY post, I had to try this myself!

I purchased the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System from Highwater Filters in Colville, WA. The system comes with the 0.1 Micron mini filter, a 16oz reusable squeeze pouch, cleaning plunger (syringe), filler tip cap, drinking straw, and instructions. I’ve included the following photos and instructions of how I attached the 0.1 Micron mini filter to the hose of my 3L Camelbak Reservoir.

I use the Camelbak Antidote Reservoir 100oz/3L w/ Antidote Insulated Tube
(I also have a second Antidote Insulated Tube which I use for
rock climbs and short hikes where I don't need to refill/filter water.)

I made sure that the mini filter could fit through the elastic bands of the shoulder straps on my backpack. This photo shows my Kelty Lakota 65L pack. But I also made sure it would fit through the elastic bands of my Osprey Talon 33L & 44L packs since I use my Camelbak in these two backpacks as well. 

I put my Camelbak in my backpack along with a few other things (tent, sleeping bag, clothing, food bag) and then put on my backpack. I adjusted and set the hip belt, load-lifter and shoulder straps just the way I like. Standing in front of a mirror, I then marked where I wanted my mini filter placed on the hose. Couple reasons why I put the mini filter on the outside and not close to the reservoir: on my Kelty 65L Backpack the opening that the hose goes through from the inside of the pack isn't large enough for the mini filter to fit through. The end with the bite valve has a cover and I can barely squeeze it through the opening. It's not a problem with my Osprey Talon 33L & 44L packs because the hydration pocket is on the outside of the pack. But more importantly, if the mini filter accidentally disconnects from the hose, it will leak!

I cut through the insulation as well as the hose.

Remove the cap of the mini filter

The mini filter is 2oz and is approximately 5.5 inches long

I cut off about 4 inches of my hose to accommodate the filter.
This way my hose wouldn’t be super long.

With the “Flow” arrow toward the bite valve, I slipped the hose onto the ends of the mini filter. To make it easier to slip the hose on the ends of the mini filter, roll the insulation back and hold the hose under hot running water until the hose softens up a bit.

Once the hose is attached to both ends of the mini filter, unroll insulation back over hose


I've learned that its best to keep the filter in-line as well as filter the water before
putting it into the reservoir. So to prevent contaminating my Camelback reservoir
I use a separate squeeze pouch. Then using a second mini filter attached to the
squeeze pouch, I filter the water before putting it into my Camelbak reservior. 

64oz Sawyer Squeeze Pouch & 2nd Sawyer Mini Filter

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