Frankenstein Cliffs – Ice Climbing

Headed out to Frankenstein Cliffs to meet up with Jeff, Geoff, Tom and Al for some ice climbing. Warm temps made for some really mellow ice climbing! Didn’t bring my DSLR along on this climb, just took photos with my iPhone.

Bringing a bit of Hawaii to Frankenstein Cliffs
 Crawford Notch

We did an easy warm-up on the Practice Slab along the tracks (3)
Jeff on my belay
 Jeff on Geoff's belay
 Al with Tom on his belay
Then we moved onto "A Walk In The Forest, WI 3/4"
Al and Tom on belay

Geoff on the left. Jeff on the right ready to top off.
Jeff belayed Tom & I on separate ropes as we climbed  in tandem

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