Saturday, January 18, 2014

Railroad Cut, NH – Ice Climbing

Railroad Cut – Ice Climbing 
SW4-Cheshire North Rail Trail 
Keene, NH 
AMC-NH Mountaineering Group

When I climbed with Tom Sintros' group back in March 2013, I learned a valuable lesson on conserving energy while climbing. I got to put it to good use today and it made a big difference. Why not just check the hold to see if I can get a secure placement without having to swing my axe? And if it's not secure, why swing so hard when a light tap into the hold, will do? And standing in previous pick placements or holds formed by previous climbers, is definitely ideal! *VBG* 

I also got a chance to try out my new ice climbing gear and am extremely happy. Having the right gear made all the difference. I was able to focus on my technique and thus, got in a lot of climbing today! 

This was my second visit to the Railroad Cut and like the year before, I was amazed at the amount of ice in just this one spot! Railroad Cut is just that...a cut in the hill for a railroad passage. It’s part of the Cheshire Rail Trail located just off of Route 12 in Keene, NH. There are several railroad cuts throughout New Hampshire, but this particular cut has consistent ice. The day was overcast and even though a snow storm made a mess of my commute home, it was a great day for ice climbing! What better way for me to start my ice climbing season!

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