Waterfall Rappelling – Ripley Falls, NH

Ripley Falls – 100feet
Chicks On The Rocks
Difficulty: Moderate
Danger: High (ledge, cliff, slippery)

Guess who got to rap down the waterfall first? LOL!

If you know me well, you know that I absolutely LOVE rappelling. But I had never done waterfall rappelling, so when I saw the Groupon for this, I had to do this! Noreen suggested that we do this the day after Seek The Peak since we would be in North Conway anyways. We quickly booked our reservations for our first Waterfall Rappelling with Northeast Mountaineering (NEM).

On the day of our rappel, we met up at the Bunkhouse on Rt 16 in Bartlett, NH. Brett and Anthony checked us in and we all signed waivers. We spent about 30 minutes getting outfitted with their gear and going over rappelling basics. We drove out to the Arethusa-Ripley Falls Trailhead off of US 302. It’s a short 0.6 mile hike to a basin at the base of the falls. From there we carefully crossed the Avalanche Brook to its south bank. And then we made our way up the narrow and eroded trail to the top of the falls.

At the top of the falls were smaller cascades and shallow pools. Brett, Anthony and Ellie set up a rappelling anchor off one tree and a belay anchor off a second. We spent the next 5 hours taking turns rapping down the falls. Our first rap was done while being top belayed. Our second and last raps were done on double ropes. It was a relaxing day and the views of the top of the falls were serene! The day was warm with slight humidity. But towards the end of the day, it started to get a bit chilly, especially after rapping down the falls and getting wet.

Overall, Chicks On The Rocks rocked at waterfall rappelling! It was a funtastic day and the water was refreshing! Not once did we slip or fall…..hey, we had this!

 Shaka!! with Anthony

 Anne with Anthony (4)

Noreen (4)

Simona with Anthony (4)

Chicks On The Rocks!

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