Mt Rand & West Quarry Mountain– Summer Hiking

Mount Rand (1,883ft) 
West Quarry Mountain (1,844ft) 
Total Elevation Gain: 900 feet
Trails: Old Clough Road, Quarry (White) trail
Distance: 4 miles roundtrip
Duration: 3.5 hours (includes stops at both summits)
Difficulty: On the easy side of moderate

Today I hiked the last two summits of the Belknap Range! When I first started hiking I never knew about hiking lists. So when I found out about the NH 48 4000+ list I started hiking with the intent of peakbagging. But I’ve never brought any signs up with me to display at each summit I reached. It was the same for the Belknap Range hikes, until the very last two. I did want to commemorate the completion of all 12 peaks of the Belknap Range with more than a hiking patch. So with the help of some hiking buddies, I set out to finish the Belknap Range making sure I brought along my #12 sign! As we say in Hawaii – Mahalo Nui Loa to Noreen and Boomer, as well as Neil and Karen with Maggie and Phil the mountain dog, for hiking out with me on my last Belknap Range summits and making the day a most memorable one! Enjoy some photos taken by Noreen, Neil and I along the trail as well as the summits!

Along the Quarry Trail to Mt. Rand
 At the Mt. Rand summit (4)
That's one thirsty dog!
Love Boomer's spotted tongue!
Neil and Maggie
Noreen and I
At the junction of Old Clough Road and the Quarry Trail. 
Right to Mt. Rand, left to W. Quarry Mountain.

Before the steep section to the W. Quarry summit, there 
is an area with remnants of the 1800's rock quarry. 
Karen, Noreen and I stopped to pose for a photo.
Shortly before the steep section there is a junction with
this sign on the tree. We went up the fun route! :)
Coming up the cliff faces
And then some fun ledges to hop over! (2)

Ta da!!! Finally at the W. Quarry summit! (2)

On our descent to the Old Clough Road (5)
Neil brought along his camera as well. 
Here he is with Phil (the mountain dog) and Maggie looking on.

There's a little round-about on the Old Clough Road
where Noreen spotted some delicious blueberries!

On our way back to the trailhead we stopped to
take a look at the Lamphrey Cemetary (3)
 Saw no headstones, but did find this large pile of rock.
 Moose track
Back at Old Clough Road at Stonybrook Farm

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