Self-Rescue Course

Self-Rescue Course
with Marc Chauvin
Chauvin Guides International LLC
June 15 & 16, 2013

What a great weekend it was for learning. There were 10 students in the course and we met Marc Chauvin of Chauvin Guides International LLC at Quincy Quarries.  The course was offered through the AMC Boston Chapter Mountaineering Committee and covered on both Saturday and Sunday. Lecture was for the most part of Saturday at the “O” Wall and we practiced some of the techniques Marc covered in his lecture. On Sunday we reviewed the techniques that were covered the day before and then put them to practice on the rock! We covered Transitioning from Belay, to either a counter balance rappel, a haul or belay escape.

Reading: Self-Rescue by David Fasulo (ISBN 9780762755332)

Some photos I took during the weekend course:
Quincy Quarries
Marc Chauvin on rappel rings

Outdoor Lecture

Setup: Transition to rappel on two ropes

Setup: Transition to rappel on a single rope

Setup: Hauling

Setup: Tandem rappel

Practice on the rock (7) between the C and D Walls

Me practicing setup for "Technical Ledge"

Sonya Iverson of Slackline LLC was there again with a high line setup
between the Q & M walls. A bunch of folks attempted to cross, but only
this guy made it across and back without falling! Merci beaucoup! (4)

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