Mt. Majors, Straightback Mountain & Mt. Anna – Solo Summer Hike

Mount Majors (1,786ft)
Straightback South Mountain – South Peak (1,910ft)
Mount Anna (1,660ft)

Total Elevation Gain: 1,349ft
Trails: Mt. Majors (Blue), Blue-Yellow Merge, Quarry, North Straightback Link (Green), Brook (Yellow)
Distance: 7.3 miles roundtrip
Duration: 5.0 hrs, 10 min (includes stops at all summits)
Difficulty: Moderate

When I left my itinerary with my husband I had this hike down for a roundtrip of 4 miles. Oooops!  It didn’t occur to me that the 4 miles was one way until I reached Mt. Anna almost 3 hours after starting. I had depended on a website for mileage and didn’t realize that it didn’t account for the trip back. I don’t know what distracted me from estimating the mileage correctly, but I know better now! 

I didn’t mind bagging Mt. Majors for the 3rd time as the views were stunning! But I needed Straightback Mountain and Mt. Anna, so spent only a few minutes on the crowded summit snacking on my PB&J sandwich and snapping a few photos. I came across no other hikers on my hike to Straightback Mountain and Mt. Anna...the solitude was wonderful! On my way back down, I took the Quarry Trail which connected to the North Straightback Link (Green) trail. The top portion of this trail was steep but leveled out once in the woods. The trail connected with the Brook (yellow) trail and that’s when it became a freeway of hikers. Several families with toddlers were making their way down. Some of the small children gave me strange looks as I passed them with my Microspikes noisely crunching along the rocky wet trail and a black mosquito net to protect my head.

On the Belknap Range Summits: 10 down, 2 more left to bag! 

Mt. Major Summit (3)

I was just there last week! Belknap Mountain (left)
and Mt. Rowe (right) from Mt. Major summit
The summit of Straightback (south) Mountain

 The summit of Mt. Anna (2)

 At the junction of the Blue, Purple and Quarry Trails are open ledges.
I sat here eating my lunch and admiring the views of the lakes. 

Along the North Straightback Link Trail (Green)

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