Mounts Mack & Klem – Winter Snowshoeing

Mount Mack (1,945ft) 
Elevation Gain: 1,365ft

Mount Kelm (2,001ft)
Elevation Gain: 266ft

Trails: Gilford Fire Road, Round Pond (Red), Belknap Range Trail
Distance: 5.9 miles roundtrip
Duration: 6.5 hours (includes stops at Round Pond, at all lookouts and both summits)
Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous

Fresh, untouched snow . . . breaking trail . . . . . sore hips . . . but still a great hike! The trailhead parking lot wasn’t plowed, so we parked on Wood Road, part of the residential area. Marie and I hiked to Mounts Mack and Klem, stopping at Round Pond for a break and views of the pond. Actually, we also stopped at all the lookouts to well… look out. And of course, we stopped at both summits. There were snowshoe tracks from the trailhead but it stopped at the Boys Scout camp site. From there it was breaking trail all the way to both summits. I was not able to get a photo at the Mt. Klem summit as it was covered in snow. We just hiked around the summit and continued onto Round Pond. Here are a few photos taken along the way.

At the lookout just below the Mt. Mack summit (5)

 At the Mt. Mack summit
 Onward to Mt. Klem

Lunch on the open slope overlooking the lakes!

Is this yours? 
We hung this water bottle up on the branch.
Around Round Pond



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