Lanikai Pillboxes - O'ahu, Hawaii

Lanikai Pillboxes - O’ahu, Hawaii
2nd Pillbox elevation: 595ft
Elevation Gain: 500 ft
Trail: Ka’iwa Ridge Trail
Distance: 4 miles roundtrip
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Hiking Permit: None required
Danger: Low to Medium (loose dirt, drop-offs)

Wow!! For a short hike, there are tremendous views of  the Windward from Kaneohe Marine Corp Base to Waimanalo!

My husband and I headed to the Windard area via H3. I wasn’t sure exactly where the trailhead was but from reading other Hawaii hiking blogs, I did find out that the trailhead was located just off the side of the Mid Pacific Golf Course in Lanikai. So I set our Garmin to the golf course address. It wasn’t hard to find at all and we got lucky and found a parking space right away on the already full residential street.

There were a lot of folks already coming down from this hike as we were making our way up. We were at the first pillbox within 20 minutes and continued onto the second pillbox. At second pillbox I snapped a few photos and checked our elevation.

The Ka’iwa Ridge trail is well-worn trail with short vegetative growth. This morning the trail was dry and dusty making it slippery in some spots. With so many folks on the ridge, there’s no way you could get lost!

We went a little ways past the second pillbox enjoying the trail along the ridge and taking in the beautiful views. 

 Trailhead Sign
Along the Ka'iwa Ridge Trail
View from the second pillbox
(Moku Nui on the left with Moku Iki on the right)
First pillbox from the second pillbox

Below the first pillbox is a crag that stands about 25 feet tall. I tried bouldering this
but I found it difficult finding a hold that wouldn’t crumble under my fingers and feet.
The rock here and in most parts of the islands is chossy. 

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