Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rock Climbing Otter Cliffs, Acadia National Park, Maine

Otter Cliffs are a series of natural sea cliffs located just off the loop road in Acadia National Park. The cliffs are excellent for climbers of all skill levels, with routes ranging in difficulty from 5.5 to 5.12. And because they are so popular, a guide book states, "Don't hog the routes!" There is an access trail leading from the loop road to the top of the cliffs, where you can build your own anchor point or use one of several permanently installed stainless steel bars.

The Cliffs, which are about 60 feet high, descend to a little ledge just above the water. You begin your climb by rappelling down or getting "lowered" to this ledge. You then climb back up the cliffs, belayed from either below or above. Even though the climb is fairly short, the ocean views are spectacular! These cliffs are perfect for the beginning climber, as they are not too difficult. And what's nice about this cliff is that the routes are close to each other so there's no need to hike a long distance between climbs. Kellie set up anchors on two routes for us; Wounderwall Right (5.6/7) and In The Groove (5.5).

On climbing day there were mostly overcast skies with very few brief periods of sunshine. We shared the cliff with a crowd that also involved the local climbing school.  All of us rappelled down to the ledge and made at least two climbs back up to the top of the cliff. And I learned how to belay from the top. After climbing we packed our gear into our cars and hiked up the path to Thunder Hole. It was still low tide so the crevasse was bare except for the occasional wave and the small crowd was growing with folks coming in for the high tide.

Overall, Otter Cliffs offers a exciting climbing experience! It was both thrilling and beautiful to be rock climbing over the ocean.  And although it was overcast, the pounding surf added to the excitement as we belayed one another.

Many thanks to Kellie, Noreen, Jane, Beth, Anne, Kim and Simona for a day of adventure, laughter, good times and fond memories. It was empowering! <3 <3 <3

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