Mt. Jackson - Hiking

Mt. Jackson (4,052ft)
Elevation Gain: 2,150ft
Trails: Webster-Jackson and Jackson Branch
Distance: 5.2 miles roundtrip
Duration: 4.5 hrs
My 4000+ Peak #12
Listed 4000+: 39
Difficulty: Moderate

Bagged my 12th peak today! Was originally supposed to do trail maintenance work but had transportation issues that would have prevented me from getting to the trailhead in time, so I decided to solo hike Mt. Jackson. The Over 50 Hiking group was going to hike Mt. Webster which is the same trailhead I was headed to. I didn't get to the trailhead until almost 930am and expected the group to be gone, but they still hadn't gone off. There were 4 others in the group wanting to hike Mt. Jackson as well so off we went. 

The Webster-Jackson trail was moderately inclined and crossed several brooks. We made it to the trail fork in less than an hour. We took the 'left' onto the Jackson Branch trail to the Mt. Jackson summit. There were steeper inclines and at the base of the summit there were steep slabby ledges to scramble up on! From the trail fork, we made it to the summit in little over an hour. 

At the summit we rested a bit and then the 4 continued onto Mt. Webster to meet up with the rest of the group. It was cold and very windy but I stayed at the summit for 45 minutes to finish my lunch and take in the gorgeous views as well as more photos. 

The overnight temps were expected to be in the 40's so I had packed my winter jacket, long underwear, hat and gloves just in case I got stuck overnight. Since I had left my itinerary with my family telling them what trails I would be on and when to expect me off the trailhead, I didn't continue onto Mt. Webster. 

I soloed my descent, backtracking the trails I came up on. I didn't get very many (good) photos on my ascent. But since I soloed my descent, I was able to take my time along the trail to take photos. I even stopped at the Bugle Cliff for 15 minutes for photos and a chocolate bar! Didn't get to the top of Elephant Head, but did take a couple of photos of rock climbers from the trailhead parking lot. At the trailhead parking lot I spoke with one of the road block crew and he said that parts of route 302 as well as The Notch Train tracks were damaged due to Irene. 

Sorry for the blurriness, some photos were taken using my iPhone.

 Along the Webster-Jackson Trail (4)

Along the Jackson Trail (5)

At the Mt. Jackson summit (8)
Views from Bugle Cliff (2)

Rock climbers on Elephant Head (2)

At the trailhead parking lot and 
entrance to the Crawford Notch State Park

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