Redrock - Rock Climbing

This is the first time I've been to this crag and its Main wall is pure fun! The dirt parking lot for this rock climbing area isn't difficult to find at all. It's located just beside a storage facility off of route 128 in Gloucester, MA. My granddaughter Ann and I waited for Kellie, Felipe and Cass to show up and then we hiked up to the Main crag. The hike was about a tenth of a mile with a gradual elevation gain. There were green bushes with small vertical stems of tiny white fragrant flowers. How I wished I got photos of them! Their fragrance was a cross between a floral and spearmint and they lined the trail just past the parking lot.

Views from the top of Main Crag!

 Slabby top
Bob & Fellipe setting up anchor on "Steps"
Kev on the "Zipper"
A great crowd!
Since I like to photog rock climbers from the wall or the top of the cliff, I self-blayed up "High Me" and anchored myself at the tree to photo a couple climbers on "Steps".
Dave on the inside corner
Alex on the inside corner
My view of the top of "Toe Jams". No I did not jam my toes in those cracks! 
This is my rope set up on this route. Kellie taught me how to set up anchor
for this route so I got to use it for the very first time! WOOT!

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