Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rumney Rocks

Got to the Rumney Rocks Climbing area in the early afternoon and the main parking lot was full. But was able to find parking at the smaller parking lot located about a tenth of a mile down the road. Spent a couple of hours hiking through Darth Vadar and the Main Cliff to check out the walls and snap a few. The engraved signs and marked trails make it easy to get to the various walls. One word about the area overall at Rumney....Impressive!

*Click on photos to see larger views

 Engraved signs (3)

Darth Vadar wall (4)

Main Cliff, Left End (Venus Wall)


JamNSam said...

Wow! Amazing pictures of Rumney.
You are right, overall the mountain is simply impressive. Even when both parking lots are filled, as they commonly are, there are hundreds of great routes and walls that won't be busy.
Did you get to do any climbing? Even just hiking around scooping out the walls can be jaw dropping.
Hope you enjoyed your visit!

Hawaii Girl said...

JamNSam, glad you enjoy the photos! :) I love Rumney....its improved a great deal! I have more hiking and photographing to do there. Plus, I've been trying out the new Rumney iPhone app. :)

Nick Orange said...

Rumney really is an impressive place. At the base of the white mountains, the 23 crags that make up the climbing area are so unique. You could spend so much time here and never master all the styles of climbing available at this world class sport climbing haven.