Three Ponds Trail - Winter Hiking

Located in the village of Rumney, NH is Stinson Lake. Our hike took us along the Three Ponds Trail to the shelter (1,750') above the middle pond. The elevation gain was 450' and the roundtrip hike was 4.8 miles. 

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The hike up to the pond shelter took about 2 hours... we made frequent stops so that the 'Doc' could catch her breath. These short stops gave me the op to shoot random photos of the landscape around us. It also made me more aware of our seclusion. Against the conversation between Steve, Doc and Jess was a calm stillness.

On our way up the Fish & Game Warden passed us on his snowmobile forging the trail for us. The snow was fresh and with each step our feet sunk into the soft trail. We crossed wooden bridges and split-logs over several streams.

The Adirondack shelter is located on a small knoll overlooking the middle pond. For lunch I had my usual PB&J sandwich accompanied with a homemade cookie that Jess brought. I've learned that lunch/snack is best eaten quickly and with your gloves left on.  ;-)  After lunch we took a walk onto the pond, taking in the surrounding scenery from the middle of the pond.


Our hike back down was faster paced and when we reached the parking lot, it started to lightly snow. Since it was still early and light out, I headed to the Rumney rock climbing area to see if there were any ice climbing going on at the Parking Lot wall. I was not disappointed and managed to get a few photos shot before it got dark.  You can find the Rumney Ice Climbing photos here on my blog at:

I always feel so rejuvenated after a hike!

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